Why iā€™m doing this and Why you should consider working with me.

Creating things together are one of the most enjoyable thing i like to do. Like-minded people with the same strong focus and motivation are the biggest fun to create. Iā€™m curious in many fields and like to learn from and with other people on a project. Even if there is only you and me, i like to work together and not selling you something stupid. I like to rethink processes and make them even better.

I like the possibilities and different approaches to create one solution. There are never solutions who fit for something other, so everything i do is kinda something specialized or even new.

Technology is moving pretty fast, the internet even more, so there is every second something new to learn, explore and think about.

I like solutions which makes sense to me. Iā€™m always wondering what is the initial indent and is it clearly understandable for everyone. So simplicity is always the key.