What i did and what iโ€™m looking for

The last couple of years i had the chance to craft some amazing projects to make my clients happy. Iโ€™m interested in helping people work more efficiently together by simplify processes and make them enjoyable โ€” whether itโ€™s developer tooling, mindset changing or teaching the WHY principles.

Iโ€™m looking for projects which do things differently. Projects, which brings value to every user in a kind of creative way. I like โ€žcrazy cool" things which stands out, but also minimalistic design to set focus on the content. Iโ€™m happy to work in a team, create my own team and work by myself.

Cube Bikes

I was the only frontend developer and kinda Art Director in a techy view. I created components and elements by my own and had a strong team to solve all the Backend, Client and Design Things. The timeline of this project was the tightest i have every worked on, i had only 2 months to rebuild the whole website, every element. While Development the Content and Design were developed as well at the same time, so it was a nice challenge to get everything done.


In 2014 the first product i built at 4c media was a e-learning portable with a lot of fun learning tools. After this we rebuilt the corporate site and some landingpages for the brand. After years working for medi at 4c media, Iโ€™m now working as the only Frontend-Developer for internal projects and ongoing projects for them.


At the end of 2017 iโ€™ve worked on a big intranet site for one of the biggest automobile manufacturer in the world. I jumped in a very good and focusses development team with high code quality. The sprint based and agile working methods are really efficient and fun to get to the final result.


Since mid 2018 iโ€™m maintaining and creating new features for them in the Webflow based website. Iโ€™ve added multi-language support as well as some Styleguide-Based Modules. Its right now a ongoing project where i regularly develop new features based on clients requirements.


This small website was really quickly designed and developed by me. Its just a little static page, but in a very short amount of time and just me on this project i got setup a pretty basic webpage.


This Squarespace website was built pretty quickly and the client got even a little Workshop to customize the content by his own. Because of the Budget we had to use the Margot Theme as a Basic, which was customized and setup by me to fit the client requirements.